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Thank you for considering Vietnam Veterans of America for your donation of gently used clothing, shoes, accessories or household goods. You can make your donation by scheduling a donation pickup at your house, or you can drop off your items at a donation box in your area. To assist with scheduling we request that you schedule your pickup at least 2 days in advance of the scheduled pickup date.

Do you want to schedule a donation truck pickup?

We have donation boxes located for your convenience, would you like to locate one near you?

If you received a card in the mail indicating our truck will be in your neighborhood on a specific date, you can confirm your donation pickup with us now to make sure we don’t miss your donation! Please enter your zip code.

Pickup Service provided by Charity Pickup Service.  You can schedule your next charitable donation pickup online at or with  Thank you for thinking of us when you have donations of clothing, shoes, and household items!

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